How To Tell If Your Gut Bacteria is Off

The bacteria in our gut is kind of like gold.  If you have it (the good bacteria), you will be rich (with health).  If you don’t have it you will  be poor (in health).

You have probably heard the quote from Hippocrates, You are what you eat.

This is so true.

Our gut is responsible for the breaking down and absorption of our food. The nutrients and minerals in our food is what fuels both our body and our brain.

In the best case scenario, we would have lots of good bacteria and our body will have everything it needs for healthy function.

The problem is, due to our intense lifestyle and the change in our regular diet, most people suffer from health problems caused by lack of nutrients that stems directly from poor gut health.

Think of it this way, if your gut is not breaking down your food, you are missing nutrients.  It is kind of like thinking a car will run correctly without oil.  It does for a bit, but then everything hits the fan…

How do you know if your gut bacteria is off?

If you experience one of more of these symptoms, your gut bacteria could be off:

  • acid reflux
  • irregular or poor bowel movements
  • painful gut/abdominal area
  • excema
  • food allergies
  • infertility
  • hair loss
  • sores in the mouth
  • routine sickness (colds, flu etc.)
  • exhaustion
  • anxiety, irritability, mood swings

The good news is it is easy to establish good gut bacteria.

Here are the 3 Top Ways to Establish Good Gut Bacteria

  1.  Eat REAL food probiotics such as cultured veggies (made from this veggie starter) or products like Wildbrine or Inner-Eco.  Resist the urge to ingest a probiotic pill.  While they do provide benefits, our bodies ALWAYS prefer vitamins, minerals, probiotics etc. in real form verses pills.
  2. Eat clean.   Food that is in whole form, such as squash, apples, nuts, etc. is the fuel your body needs.  Resist the urge to reach for packaged food which is full of preservatives, colors and dyes, and sugar, all which feed bad bacteria.
  3. Be mindful of your emotions.  Your emotions play a huge role in your digestion.  If you are anxious, stressed, angry, uptight, etc. this can negatively impact what is happening in your gut.  Stress is huge in our lives and is largely self-imposed.  Take a moment to breathe.  Change your schedule.  Realize that life isn’t an emergency, but rather a series of decisions.  Make a conscious decision to bring more calm and joy into your life.  When your emotions are calm, your digestive system can function much more effectively.




Wishing you the greatest health,






P.S. I want to hear from you.  What do you feel has made the biggest impact in the health of your gut bacteria?

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