This is Responsible for Your Biggest Health Shift

Most of the clients I work with in my health coaching sessions have been going to doctors for a long time, often years, most for gastro-intestinal issues.  They have heard that their bodies are not working properly and they are beyond frustrated.

The biggest thing I hear in their initial health coaching session is, “My body is just horrible. It is not working right.”

One of the first things I do is listen to their challenges now and then ask about a time when they felt amazing and in great health.

After some thought, most people can pinpoint and exact time in their life when they felt healthy and happy.  The path after that seems a bit fuzzy.

The fuzzy path holds the most clues to a persons decline in health.  See our bodies do not wake up one day and forget to work, but rather our bodies send us little messages – messages that increase in intensity until we can’t help but listen.

Perhaps the first messages are a stomach ache, a headache, or lethargy.

The unfortunate part is that we are so accustomed to these messages of a stomach, or head ache or fatigue that instead of doing something about the root cause, we simply reach for pain medication or coffee.  This is the first step down a path of ignoring your body – the first step down a fuzzy path that ends in a frustrating health issue.

The body knows when it is out of balance and tirelessly tries to inform us that something is wrong.  The headaches increase, the stomach causes more problems like acid reflux, and extreme fatigue sets in.  Then diarrhea, gut pain, eczema, migraines, and other things like fertility, hair loss, etc. become part of the fuzzy path unit the person feels super sick and frustrated.

I challenge the idea that our bodies are inherently sick.  Instead I guide my health coaching clients to be grateful that their body is working so efficiently that it is sending messages to say – “Hey, you!  I need some more veggies, some probiotics and please stop eating wheat for a bit – it is making holes in my gut!”

The truth is, our bodies are incredible!  Our bodies are wonderful.  Our bodies are ridiculously smart at trying to keep healthy.  We have just stopped listening and supporting them.

The decline in health isn’t because our bodies are horrible, it is because our bodies are starving for specific nutrients and we aren’t listening.

Everyone agrees that our diets are not the best these days.  Our stress levels aren’t the best these days.  We push our bodies to the max.  And our food has changed.  Our bodies are trying to keep up with all that we are throwing at them.  They are perhaps a little angry at us.  😉

The biggest shift you can make in your own health is to not get mad that your body doesn’t seem to be working, but to thank your body for letting you know that you need to pay attention.  Thank your body for sending you a message to get back on track.

When you see your body as something that is always striving to maintain wellness, how you treat your body changes.  You start to make different choices – choices that support your wellness, verses making your body work harder.




Since we are so accustomed to ignoring our bodies until they hurt, this process of listening to your body and learning what it needs can take time.  But the thing is, you already know.  You know that when you eat a certain food you feel crummy.  You know that when you don’t get enough sleep your body cannot function the same.  You know that after you exercise you feel great.  But somehow in the push and shove of life, we prioritize our to-do lists verses our health lists.

If you got a text message from your phone asking to update the software, you would.

So when you get a message from your body to support it, go ahead and listen and most importantly, thank your body for the message.  The most important step for healing is gratitude.  

Once you are grateful, verses fighting your body, healing can begin and is wonderful.  It may take time, but your body is resilient.  Your body is amazing.  Your body can be well.

To your health,






p.s. If you want guidance with learning how to listen to your body, contact me today to schedule your initial health history.  I look forward to helping you rebuild your health!

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