The Greatest Secret to Your Health

If you scour the web you will find countless articles about what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, how much to eat etc. and often these articles contradict one another.  One article says coconut oil is the next best thing, another says avoid it at all costs.

In a world full of information, how can you be sure what to trust?

Do you trust the doctors, the media, the health coach, the most convincing website?

The truth is, your body will tell you.

We are all keenly aware that we have different personalities and interests, but somehow we forget that we also have different bodies.  Yes, we all have the same basics, but how your body processes things and what it needs for fuel is deeply personal.

The reason why one person can swear by a paleo diet and another person can swear by a vegetarian diet is because of our individuality.  There is no one diet that fits everyone, all the time. In fact, you might be a vegetarian for years and then find out that your body is craving meat. Or vice versa. You might live and exist on meat and potatoes and find that you actually feel better eating veggies.

Our bodies are constantly evolving and changing according to our age and lifestyle.

When you are in a repair state your body will need a super charge of nutrients through soups and smoothies as fluids make it easier for the body to digest and thus absorb more.

If you are super stressed out, your body crave things like magnesium to calm down the nervous system.  (See your chocolate cravings are real!!!  Chocolate is high in magnesium relative to most foods we eat, so our bodies know to ask for it).

Everyday your body sends you loads of messages, it’s just that most people don’t take time to tune in and listen to their bodies.

Remember that day you ate something and it felt like a brick in your stomach?

Ya well, that was too much for your body and your body told you that quite honestly.

Remember that day you had more energy than ever before?  What did you eat and just as importantly, how were you emotionally feeling?

Food is our fuel, not only for our energy levels, but also brain function and our repair state.


While you might not feel like an expert in listening to your body now, in time learn to trust the messages.


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Here are 5 tips of how to start listening to your body:

  1. When you wake up in the morning, notice how you feel both mentally and physically.
  2. Instead of reaching for your same old breakfast, take a moment to think about what truly sounds good.
  3. Enjoy the process of eating.  Don’t rush through it because you are late to work or getting your kids to school.  Take an extra minute, that’s all, to notice.
  4. Sometime after you have eaten, see how your feel mentally and physically.
  5. Be grateful.  This simple emotion will have the greatest impact on your daily health.


Still don’t know what to do?


Ask yourself these 5 questions to learn how to hear your body talking to you.

  • Do I have more energy or less after this meal?
  • Does my head/thinking feel clear?  clouded? spacey?
  • Am I in a good mood or brooding over something?
  • Does my gut feel good, stuffed or still hungry?
  • Does anything in my body feel great? Giving me pain?


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